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Document Preparation Services

Technical Editing (NAICS 2017)

Document Preparation can mean layout, editing (including technical editing), and pre-print production. Clients often have an idea of how they want a document to appear, but they lack the tools (methods, software) to put everything in order.


Technical Writing Services

Technical Writing, also known as Technical Communication, plays a key role in creating interaction between the producer and the consumer. At all stages of the product development process, the technical communicator helps the producer specify product requirements based on market and/or consumer needs. During and after the product delivery, the technical communicator helps the consumer understand and optimize how to use the product. There are many technical communication methodologies that Teamplete uses to help manufacturers and consumers communicate.


Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

These services include providing advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations on scientific and technical issues. There are many areas where Teamplete can assist, including database setup and management, templates, document conversion, and website content management.


Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting provides information and resources to an organization that wants to reach out to a specific target market. Teamplete assesses the organization's needs and then recommends additions to the marketing toolkit.


Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services include planning, designing, and managing the production of visual communication in order to convey specific messages or concepts, clarify complex information, or project visual identities. These services can include the design of printed materials, packaging, advertising, signage systems, and corporate identification (logos).


Book Publishers

Book Publishers are asked to copyedit written content, layout pages with text and graphics, proofread the document to find any errors or inconsistencies, and produce print-quality or interactive PDFs.

 NIGP Code    



 20894, 91580

Word Processing

Word Processing includes writing, editing, and production of documents by means of a software application that has writing, editing, and printing functionality. Teamplete uses Microsoft Office for word processing tasks.
 91551, 91596

Web Page Design

Web page design services include mapping website and/or web page structure, writing and tagging content, creating and applying templates, and updating existing Web pages. Teamplete does not provide programming services.

Journalistic Services

Journalism includes writing for print and Internet periodical publications. Teamplete owner Andrea Brennan has written articles for construction, transportation, and other industry publications including multiple-article feature sections about concrete pavement and general aviation businesses.


Teamplete photography is mostly of equipment, materials, and people linked to technical or journalistic publications. Teamplete is an adept user of photo manipulation software to edit images prior to placement in a publication.

Data Entry

Many enterprise relational database systems require accurate, relevant, and reliable entry of data. Teamplete has worked with engineering and IT teams to design and populate databases for product requirements management, document management, and customer relationship management.


Computer-Based Training

Computer-Based Training involves computer programs designed to train the user to use new skills or products.  Computer-Based Training can be internet-based or offline.  Teamplete can create and edit Computer-Based Training program content tailored for specific users.

 91522, 91826

Communications Marketing Services

Marketing Communication involves various media to deliver information to a target cohort. For some, this means reading, watching, or listening to content from the product team. Teamplete can provide articles, photos, and graphics that highlight key product or service knowledge.


Editorial Services

Editorial services and consulting include: proofreading previously-written content to show the author spelling and grammar errors; rewriting previously-written content to correct the author's spelling and grammar; writing new content based on the author's notes and requirements of the final copy. Teamplete works closely with the author to review and revise content without losing the author's "voice." 

 20839/40, 92026, 96530

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing can mean layout, editing, and pre-print production. Clients often have an idea of how they want a document to appear, but they lack the tools (methods, software) to put everything in order.

 20850, 91548, 96546

Graphic Design

See NAICS 541430
 96153, 91876


See NAICS 541613


See NAICS 711510

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Technical Writing

See NAICS 711510


Technical Manual Preparation

Technical Manual Preparation involves editing and formatting technical manuals to make them as user-friendly as possible.  Teamplete can evaluate manuals to revise content so as to best meet the needs of the intended audience.