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Case Study: Technical Marketing Ad Copy

Technical Marketing: writing ad copy for commercial/industrial equipment brochures

Product brochures with ad copy written by Teamplete

(gray highlight box does not appear in actual brochures)


An international corporation providing industrial, commercial, and retail solutions.


The client needed to update several product brochures with sales and technical information. They needed a writer who was familiar with the equipment and adept at writing marketing copy, and they had one week to prepare the content in order to have the brochures ready for a major marketing event.


The client turned to Teamplete as a marketing communication resource because Teamplete was already preparing content for product manuals for this equipment. Teamplete and the client agreed to create two paragraphs of ad copy: the first paragraph summarized the key features and functions of the product; the second paragraph was a standardized statement common to all product brochures.

Teamplete reviewed the technical content of the ad copy with the product marketing and engineering managers while reviewing and revising the standard content with the marketing team. Teamplete managed versions of the ad copy during review and stored the in-progress and final versions in a network server directory accessible to all stakeholders.

NOTE: The brochure also displayed technical specifications for the product, but Teamplete was not involved in the collection, review, or design of that data display.


Teamplete delivered ad copy for 12 product brochures to the client within one week, and the creative services team produced final brochures in time for the marketing event. The brochures are still in use and can be downloaded from the client’s website.