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Case Study: Editing and Document Preparation

Document Preparation: Book Editing and Document Design for Publication

Cover, index, and inside pages of book layout


The client was a regional district in a U.S. government engineering organization.


The client needed to update a reference book with new content and a fresh layout. They contracted Teamplete to prepare the draft manuscript for publication. The contract tasks included copy editing and indexing, document design and preparation, graphics editing, document layout, review and revisions of document drafts, and final content quality proofreading.

The production timeline was no longer than six weeks due to external factors. Teamplete would need to compress the schedule without reducing the review cycle time the client needed for key stakeholders.


Teamplete and the client agreed to follow an aggressive project schedule that split the primary tasks into copyediting and layout. Teamplete overlapped tasks during review cycles to minimize down time. Teamplete suggested creating and using master templates and formatting styles for efficient layout of the document cover, front matter, body pages, and appendix sections. The Teamplete team, which included subcontractors, completed copy editing of the draft manuscript, selected over 1000 index entries, and prepared dozens of graphics for placement in the chapters, covers, and chapter facing pages.

Teamplete suggested and implemented a content and layout review process that included key stakeholders in the book production. Teamplete documented the reviewer comments that included errors, suggested changes, solutions, and completion dates. The review summary became a record of the description and severity of all document issues. Teamplete also prepared a final quality checklist that informed the client of the status of all remaining tasks.

The Teamplete toolbox included Microsoft Word for copy editing, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for editing graphics, Adobe InDesign for document design and layout, Microsoft Excel for the review summary and quality checklist, and Microsoft Project to monitor progress and the impact of any schedule changes. Teamplete maintained a secure Web server where the client could download and upload files; this eliminated using email to transfer large files and helped Teamplete and the client maintain file version control.


Teamplete delivered, on time, the edited content, graphics, and layout. Teamplete delivered two PDFs: one file suitable for print publishing, and one file ready for viewing and/or downloading from a Web browser. Teamplete ensured that the Web-enabled file met U.S. government Internet accessibility requirements and included Metadata (keywords and other information about the document) that would help readers find the book using Internet search engines.