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Case Study: Marketing and Promotion

Marketing Communication: Promotional Items and Brochure

Brochure and logo-imprinted promotional items


The client was a non-profit organization providing training for health care professionals and family care case workers.


The client required an updated brochure that described the their latest training programs and their mission. The brochure needed to persuade the client’s target readers of the training program’s value, variety, and currency. The client also wanted to demonstrate their awareness of the end beneficiaries of this training—the patients.

The client additionally decided to update their inventory of promotional items, so they asked Teamplete to lead this effort. Teamplete happily agreed to the expanded project scope that would help the client.


After researching the client’s online and printed information resources, Teamplete redesigned the brochure layout to optimize the descriptions of available courses and summarize the benefits of each type of offered training. Working with the selected printing vendor, client, and the client’s parent organization, Teamplete acquired high-quality graphics and reinforced the branding of the client’s organization throughout the brochure. Teamplete also implemented accessibility functions for the brochure PDF in case it would be viewed online, such as alternate text for graphics and hyperlinks.

To assist the client as they updated their promotional items, Teamplete obtained quotes and provided apples-to-apples price, quality, and service comparison so the client could make an informed decision about the vendor. Teamplete then produced new original graphics to be imprinted on the selected promotional items. Teamplete worked directly with both the client and the printing vendor to answer any questions and solve all issues prior to and during the order.

Teamplete used word processing, graphic design, and page layout software to produce all drafts and final deliverables. Accuracy and quality were very important, and Teamplete led a thorough review cycle of the proofs with the client to obtain technical and aesthetic comments.


The brochure and promotional materials were delivered on time, and the client began using them immediately. The client noted the quality and popularity of the items. Teamplete helped the client save time and effort by creating the graphics, leading the quality check, coordinating the print production and delivery, and keeping the client informed about the project status. Teamplete completed the original project (the brochure) under budget and created the additional materials at the lowest cost to the client. The client and Teamplete are planning to create more promotional items together.