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Case Study: Technical Brochure and Website Content

Product Data Sheet, Web site content, and final Web site


The client was a small startup developer who was introducing a new release of the flagship software program.


The client needed to inform potential users about the software and generate enough interest for a decision maker to evaluate or purchase the latest release. The client was working with a website designer, but the site pages needed content that would provide marketing, sales, and support information. The client had a tight deadline of a few weeks prior to the release date.


The client asked Teamplete to create a product data sheet and all Web site content (text only). Teamplete implemented a three-stage process to produce these deliverables.

  1. Learn the Product. Teamplete installed the software, learned how the application worked, and communicated with the client to fully understand the features, functions, and target users for the software.
  2. Visually Explain the Product. Teamplete used screen capture software to produce images of the software in use. Teamplete repeated and reinforced the basic functional capabilities of the software in diagrams and tables.
  3. Reuse Information. Teamplete authored ten pages of content for the website. We structured the content to repeat single source modules that were linked throughout the website. The single source linked references conveyed a consistent, accurate, and persuasive message about the software.

Teamplete used word processing, graphic design, and page layout software to produce all drafts and final deliverables. Working closely with the key stakeholders, Teamplete led two review cycles to obtain technical and critical feedback.


  • Meeting all deadlines, the client launched the product website within a few days after giving final approval to the site content. Teamplete provided the content in a common word processing format, with clearly marked pages and subsections, to provide the client full access to locate, add, modify, and delete information.
  • The website designer linked common single source modules throughout the site. Future modifications would require changing only one module.
  • Teamplete delivered the product data sheet and all source files to provide the client full access to add, modify, and delete information. The client distributed the product data sheet as a printed document and as a PDF file.