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Construction MarCom

Marketing Communication for Construction and A/E

Teamplete can work with your engineers and construction managers to promote your company's knowledge and experience. Teamplete marketing communication for construction and A/E business includes:

  • Photography of construction all over the U.S.
  • Project overviews of construction all over the U.S. Teamplete has written or co-written articles with construction and DOT professionals that were published in Roads&Bridges, Bridges, Southeast Construction, and other magazines. Teamplete has been a regular contributor to State Aviation Journal covering the general aviation industry.
  • Written profiles of industry influencers
  • Entire feature sections promoting an industry
  • Press releases covering product or company announcements
  • Information poster that explained project design and construction
  • Papers and presentations explaining technical concepts in lay or professional language

Teamplete also facilitates business development including:

  • Preparing RFP responses and improving the efficiency of your RFP documentation process with templates and boilerplate
  • Updating and optimizing A/E CRM databases