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Case Study: Demonstration Video

Technical Marketing: creating a video that describes a process and explains concepts

script for demo video


A mid-size company had developed a time and labor-saving application for its technology during a utility outage emergency and wanted to demonstrate how the application worked to customers without requiring a live on-site setup.


To effectively demonstrate how the technology works in a specific situation, the system needed to be able to communicate with installed elements in the infrastructure. This was usually not already in place for most customers. Another challenge was setting up equipment, Internet connections, and communications between key points in the system, all unlikely to be done quickly during a sales visit.


Working with an engineer with product expertise, we created a video that demonstrated how the system would work with simulated conditions. 

The engineer set up the simulated hardware, communications, and data so we could demonstrate the system as if we were using an actual customer's equipment.

To prepare the video, we rehearsed the demonstration several times and created a script synchronized with the tasks. We used a screen recording software application to capture the process in real time, mouse clicks, and results. The engineer, who has a great speaking voice, narrated the video as we had scripted. We played jazz music in the background to fill in brief silent periods while completing the process.

We also created a video within the video: a brief slide show helped us explain a basic concept that helped determine the outcome of the demonstration.


The six-minute video became an important sales tool for the company. The sales team displayed the demonstration video during trade shows, customer visits, and training events.