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Editorial Case Study

Editorial Case Study: Document Review with Multiple Reviewers

Teamplete Document Review Process


The Client was a construction industry trade association that wanted a special advertorial section in a magazine.


Teamplete was contracted to write six articles, and edit a seventh, about the industry of the client. Each article would be peer reviewed by at least two subject matter experts.

The editor preferred a peer review because the reviewers would be aware of each other’s comments and corrections: this would not only save time, but one reviewer might be able to address another’s comment. Ideally, this type of review would take place in a meeting, with the reviewers in the same place at the same time. However, the 16 subject matter experts and reviewers were dispersed throughout the Southeastern United States, and all had busy schedules.


Teamplete relied on two methods to review the articles with the contributors: an online peer review application and draft PDF distribution/collection via email.

  • Each contributor received review instructions to prioritize issues as they were raised.
  • The review software automatically handled the administrative tasks of setting up logins (the reviewer’s email address) and passwords, and Teamplete could easily select reviewers for multiple projects.
  • As the project progressed, most online reviewers logged in and posted their comments. Some corrected technical inaccuracies; others caught spelling and grammar errors.
  • The editor logged in and was able to see each reviewer's comments for each article.
  • The reviewers who received PDFs added comments and proofreading marks before returning the document to Teamplete.

Teamplete kept records of the review comments and discussed solutions for open issues directly with the client.


Teamplete completed two online peer reviews before preparing the final versions of each article. Based on participation and feedback from the reviews, the editor approved the content of the articles and published the magazine supplement.

The client and the contributors/reviewers agreed that the collaborative environment improved the quality and production of the articles. Teamplete managed 16 people through two review cycles of the articles, keeping track of comments and changes for the client.