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Case Study: Quick Start for a Small Startup Company

Technical Marketing: a Quick Start guide that highlights product features while explaining basic procedures

Quick Start Brochure for Small Startup Company


A small start-up company was offering a hardware/software visual presentation tool that was being marketed to office professionals. The company had a partner that was developing and marketing the product for education professionals.


The client wanted to provide “quick start” setup and reference information for users that was concise and comprehensive. The information needed to fit onto a standard (8.5”x11”) tri-fold brochure. Users, the client noted, might be in a dimly-lit room, and there might multiple distractions during the setup. The client added that the device required precise calibration and grasp for the best operating results.


Teamplete suggested breaking the setup into a few steps. Each step would use several graphics that visually guided the user to correctly install and position the device. Teamplete created an 11”x17” dual-sided document that provided installation, calibration, initial use, and troubleshooting information. The document folded in half and then in thirds to easily fit inside the product packaging.

The brochure featured two sides:

Side A: When unfolded, the inside of the brochure displayed the product setup procedure in five well-illustrated steps.

Side B: Folded, each page of the brochure provided illustrated installation, usage, and reference information.

  • Abridged software installation steps
  • Explanation of every software tool icon
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Recommended holding position for best results

The document included screen captures of the software; these graphics provided visual confirmation of correct product use.


The client really liked seeing so much information presented in a small document, and they added the quick start brochure to the product packaging. The client’s partner liked the visual simplicity of the quickstart and used most the content to create a similar document for their version of the product.