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Case Study: Website Redesign and Content Transfer

Marketing Communication: Website redesign and content transfer for WordPress

Before and after SIG webpages


An occupational special interest group (SIG) in a professional association.


The SIG had an outdated website. The parent organization was moving all of their SIG websites to a unified WordPress platform. The client needed to identify, update, restructure, and then transfer the content of its SIG website for the new host. The client also wanted to use WordPress features and apps in the new website that were not available in the existing website.


The Teamplete team worked with the leaders of the SIG and the parent association to prepare a plan to identify all of the web pages in the existing website, create an outline for a new website structure in WordPress, and then determine which content would migrate from the old to the new website. Communication was very important during the redesign and migration, because the key stakeholders provided input and direction while viewing the website during development; Teamplete communicated with the SIG via email, Skype, and teleconferencing. The client also valued security and redundancy, so Teamplete kept a backup repository of all existing HTML and images.

Teamplete worked in parallel paths to both update and maintain the content on the existing website while creating and populating the new website.


The Teamplete team created over 150 new webpages to produce a new, WordPress-based SIG website that met the requirements of the parent organization. This SIG website was one of the first to be active on the parent organization’s website. The new SIG website included widgets and customization to satisfy internal SIG aesthetic and information access requirements, including cascading menus and social media feeds.

Teamplete coordinated the website transition with the parent organization to ensure continuous availability of the SIG website. After the content transfer, Teamplete provided the site map and WordPress website maintenance procedures for the SIG manager and incoming web administrator.