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Case Study: Website Content Development

Marketing Communication: Updating Website Content for Small IT Businesses

website content development collage


The clients were small growing information technology (IT) businesses in the U.S. Midwest.


The clients had existing websites that reflected their businesses, but as they grew and offered a wider range of services, their websites became out of date. The websites also did not display functions and features available for a more complete user experience. The clients had stalled out during previous attempts to develop content, but they asked Teamplete to help them finish the writing and editing and then deliver the new content to their programmer contractor.


Teamplete introduced these clients to a process to organize, develop (write and/or edit), review, and approve the website content. The process relied on Teamplete understanding of the clients’ products and services, the existing and proposed website content, HTML tags, the functionality of the website features, and the clients’ products and services.

Teamplete documented the websites’ content in a spreadsheet workbook. The first worksheet in the workbook displayed the site map for the website and listed the menu as well as every page and subpage. The site map provided information about the relationship between the web pages.

The remainder of the workbook worksheets displayed the content for each page on the website. The worksheet rows displayed the content area name, text, and reference to graphics; the columns displayed the development stage. This structure offered the programmer a quick and easy way to find and verify the website content. This structure also offered the client a quick and easy way to review the content and suggest changes for final approval.


The website programmers implemented the websites following the information provided by the content workbooks. Teamplete and the programmers used the workbook to verify the website content and identify any missing or changed information.

One client released the updated website within a few months of assigning the project to Teamplete—the content development process helped that client finally finish the content revisions. That client also asked Teamplete to write the press release announcing the updated website and update social media accounts with the information. The other client liked the content organization so much that they asked Teamplete to prepare a marketing document with similar information.