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Needs Assessment

Teamplete would love to work with you to meet your technical and marketing communication needs! Your first step is asking yourself and your team about your objectives and requirements.
  • Do you need to create and maintain product development documentation such as requirements, specifications, release notes, or technical reference?
  • Do you want to create product information that will help you persuade your target consumers to learn and then want to use the product?

Technical Communication Needs Assessment

Your Objective(s)

Your Requirement(s)

Teamplete Services

Produce product development documentation. This document type is useful to specify

  • customer requests for product features
  • engineering descriptions of product functions
  • industry requirements and standards

Produce development documentation that includes

  • descriptions of features’ functions, appearance, and user experience
  • measurable development milestones
  • any information that facilitates development

Technical writing and illustrating for specifications and/or requirements

  • Interviewing users to learn their processes
  • Working with subject matter experts to develop product knowledge
  • Learn and link product feature to industry standards

Create reference information that helps users install, operate, and maintain your product

Document processes, procedures, and descriptions

Authoring structured reference documentation

  • Thorough technical descriptions of features and functions
  • Procedures for using every product function
  • Exhaustive troubleshooting procedures

Have relevant information for knowledge transfer

Prepare complete descriptions and procedures for identified primary features and functions

Document procedures that improve user satisfaction and product efficiency

Preparing information that can be used in reference, training, and marketing materials

  • User manuals
  • Quick Start guides
  • Training processes and procedures

Marketing Communication Needs Assessment

Your Objective(s)

Your Requirement(s)

Teamplete Services

Present product information such as a product brochure, advertisement, journal article, or Web content that attracts potential buyers and consumers. This content:

  • describes new features
  • explains the benefits of the product
  • persuades the buyer to use the product

Produce marketing deliverables such as

  • concise, reusable, and persuasive product feature descriptions
  • informative graphics
  • layout design that fits the communication method

Preparing marketing editorial and graphics content

  • accurate descriptions of product features
  • product graphics and/or photos

Designing document layout

  • templates meeting company style guides
  • document design tailored to output

Encourage and reward consumers who successfully use your product

Develop marketing materials that highlight best practices

  • documented shortcuts and tips
  • process overview diagram(s)

Preparing editorial and graphics content for:

  • product overview
  • case studies
  • user tips
  • website/networks

Produce  information that helps consumers get optimal results from your product

Provide printed or interactive materials that share best practices among users

  • documented errors
  • verified and validated error resolutions
  • documented best-practice tips

Market research that explains trends and captures user requests

Preparing content for

  • online help
  • websites
  • user groups
  • troubleshooting processes and procedures
  • market research

To determine your specific technical and/or marketing communication needs for your business, please contact Teamplete: